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Commercial Litigation Lawyers Gold Coast

Litigation & Dispute Resolution 

In the business world, time is money. If your business is weighed down by disputes with competitors, suppliers, or customers, it's taking your time away from running and growing your business.

We understand the need for efficient and cost effective solutions to these issues. Let Davoren Associates' commercial litigation lawyers help you get out of weeds and back on track.

We can quickly proceed to resolve commercial disputes through negotiation, and if necessary, court proceedings. In all commercial litigation cases, it is most important that you keep detailed notes of any altercations or discussions in relation to the dispute so that this evidence can be used to enforce your argument. We take care of those menacing disputes, so you can get back to business.

Lead by Litigation Michael Coman, Davoren’s team of Commercial Litigation Lawyers are experienced in dealing with cases ranging in size from small Tribunal or Magistrates Court cases through to large Supreme Court litigation. Our Litigation Lawyers have practice in all jurisdictions in Australia and often perform in various courts and tribunals, including the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you’re lucky, your dispute does not require legal action through court. Dispute management is where disputes are identified and managed early and effectively Our experienced and compassionate Litigation Lawyers have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, with expertise in negotiation and mediation, to resolve your dispute. 

Areas of Expertise

Letters of Demand;
Negotiations with the other side;
Preparation of Court documents;
Representation in Court.

Key Personnel

Michael Coman, Legal Practice Director


Commercial Law Services

Davoren Associates are experienced in all facets of Commercial Law, including but not limited to:

Whatever your legal query, contact Davoren Associates or visit our Surfers Paradise office to obtain solid advice at a reasonable price.

Our dedicated commercial litigation lawyers offer a wide range of legal services for both individuals and businesses alike. Whatever your commercial legal issue, our Solicitors and support staff will strive to provide you with the best possible result.