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Debt Recovery Gold Coast

Don’t let unpaid debt hold your business back

Are you or your business getting nowhere chasing a debt? Davoren Associates will help you with debt recovery and money collection anywhere in Australia. Contact our experienced lawyers in Surfers Paradise and recover your debts quickly and safely.  

Demand Letter

In Queensland, the debt collection process usually begins with negotiating between the lender and the debtor. It is common practice in this process to advise the debtor about your concerns in writing. This formal correspondence is known as a demand letter

Generally, a demand letter from our commercial litigation lawyers will encourage payment, at a minimal cost to you. The earlier you begin to pursue the debt collection, the better chance you have of a successful debt recovery.

Payment arrangements

If the debtor is unable to pay the entire debt all at once, our experience debt collector lawyers can assist in a payment arrangement on terms to your satisfaction. Our debt lawyers will ask the debtor to provide details of income and expenses, and to submit a repayment scheme setting out the amount and frequency of instalments for you to consider.

In other cases, where a stubborn debtor is involved, we have extensive experience in all Queensland Courts to enforce payment to you. It is important that you retain all documents evidencing the debt, and that you pinpoint to your debt collector who your debtor is, i.e. an individual, business or company, so that our debt recovery service can be expedient.

Areas of Expertise

Recovery of unpaid accounts for your business;
Recovery of money for property damage;
Preparing a Demand Letter;
Preparing Court Documents and enforcing payment.

Key Personnel

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If you are in need of debt collection, contact Davoren Associates or visit our Surfers Paradise office for our debt recovery service and advice which gets results.

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