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Drink Driving (And Drug Driving)

A Drink Driving Charge may cost you more than just your driver’s licence.

Davoren Associates have experienced Drink Driving Lawyers on the Gold Coast and we understand that you need your driver's licence to carry out your everyday commitments. Without your driver's licence, your job, your reputation, and your quality of life could be affected.

If you find yourself in this situation, our experienced traffic lawyers can assist by:

  • Explaining the expected penalties;
  • Referring you to drink driving/driving programmes or other professionals;
  • Appearing on your behalf in Court to make submissions to the Magistrate about your circumstances and minimise any penalties; and
  • Assisting you to obtain a Work licence so you can continue to use your car for work purposes.

It is an offence to drive or attempt to drive a vehicle (or be in charge of a vehicle) while you are under the influence of liquor or a drug.

What Happens if you Caught?

In Queensland, drink driving penalties include disqualification of your licence, a fine or a greater penalty such as a term of imprisonment which is imposed by a Magistrate within the legislation by taking into account your blood alcohol concentration, your driving history and any other mitigating factors put to the Court by you or your legal representative.   

It is suggested you seek legal assistance for your drink driving charge due to the range of penalties the Court may impose within the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 and our drink driving lawyers from the Gold Coast can provide you correct legal assistance.

If you are caught with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 or above, you will face an immediate suspension from driving until the matter is finalised in the Court. Contact Davoren Associates to speak with our solicitors about your situation.

Refusing to be Breathalised

If you refuse or fail to provide or participate in a breath test or blood test as directed by the Police, you may be charged with “Failing to supply a specimen of breath or blood” and you will be required to go to Court. The Court shall consider your charge as though it is a major drink driving offence (0.15 or above) and shall penalise you at its discretion.

It is imperative that you contact Davoren Associates for advice from an experienced traffic lawyer if you are required to appear in Court

Work Licence/Restricted Licence

We can assist you with obtaining a Work Licence or Restricted Licence in the event that you have been caught drink driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 or less.  Provided that you have not had your licence previously cancelled, suspended or disqualified (subject to time limits), you may have an opportunity to obtain a Work Licence to allow you to fulfil your work commitments.

You may be granted a Work Licence/Restricted Licence if you plead guilty to the charge and can satisfy the Court that: 

  1. Without the licence you or your family would suffer extreme financial hardship, depriving you of the means of earning a living (that is, you shall lose your employment without a driver’s licence);
  2. You are a fit and proper person to hold a work licence/restricted licence, having regard for the safety of other road users and the public generally.
  3. That you were not driving for work purposes when you were caught drink driving.

To apply for a Work Licence/Restricted Licence, a written application must be made to the Court with supporting documents to satisfy the Court’s criteria. Next, the Court shall consider your application in a Court Hearing. 

Davoren Associates would be pleased to assist you with the preparation of the necessary documents and appear for you in the Work Licence hearing.

If you are successful with your application for a Work or Restricted Licence, you will be subject to driving conditions in accordance with your work commitments for a specific period of time, which is generally double the normally imposed disqualification period. 

We can assist you in the complex area of Work Licence / Restricted Licence applications. Contact our office today to obtain further advice from one of our traffic lawyers.

Read our Work Licence FAQs for more information.

Penalty of Disqualification

You will be disqualified from holding a driver licence for a stated period if you are convicted of:

  • A drink driving or drug driving offence
  • A dangerous driving offence
  • A criminal offence involving the driving or use of a motor vehicle

Our solicitors are available to assist you with your Drink Driving, Drug Driving and Licence Disqualifications. Discuss the nature of your charge and how we can help you to minimise the damage of a drink driving offence.

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