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Family Lawyers Gold Coast

At Davoren Associates, we know that family law proceedings can be one of the most emotional, stressful and turbulent times of your life.
We're here to help.

With over 30 years of experience practising family law, our dedicated family lawyers are focused on quality legal outcomes. Our experienced solicitors approach Family Law with a passion for creating successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Family Law issues impact the entire family, not just the parties involved but the children and extended family as well. We understand that in this difficult time you need clear and honest advice from a law firm that informs you and gives you the ability to make the necessary decisions that will affect your family's future.

We take a holistic approach with a proven track record of success, and can provide expert legal advice for all types of family structures - from simple to complex, married or de facto.

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Our Family Lawyers - Experienced in their field

At Davoren Associates, our lawyers are committed to acting in your best interests while keeping you updated on the progress of your matter. It is our policy to encourage negotiation rather than litigation, however, if it appears that quick decisive action is required to gain an outcome, we have the skills and the expertise to obtain court intervention to ensure a fair and just outcome.

The Family Law Courts

Our Areas of Expertise

Marriage and Divorce

Children's Issues

  • Living arrangements
  • Parenting arrangements
  • Location of children
  • Recovery of children
  • Child maintenance and support
  • Interstate travel and relocation of children
  • International travel and relocation of children
  • Dispute Resolution Conference

De-facto and Same-Sex relationships

  • Property Division
  • Financial Agreement - Co-habitation and separation
  • Spousal Maintenance - both married or de facto couples
  • Property Issues

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation
  • Collaborative Practice
  • Arbitration


Key Personnel


Financial Agreements

A Financial Agreement (also known as a Binding Financial Agreement) is a written agreement entered into in accordance with the Family Law Act 1975. It deals with important issues including the division of assets, liabilities and financial resources in the event that the relationship breaks down. At Davoren Associates, we can guide you through this complicated matter.

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Financial issues at separation

While separation is emotionally difficult, it can also be financially difficult. At Davoren Associates, we offer to you, a meeting with one of our experienced solicitors during which we shall provide preliminary advice which aims to guide you through the steps of dividing your property.

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Spousal Maintenance

If you have been financially dependent on your partner during your de facto relationship or marriage, you may find yourself with limited financial means upon separation. If you find yourself in this situation, you might have an entitlement to spousal maintenance from your partner (or to your partner).

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are a number of alternative dispute resolution processes that could be more beneficial than going to Family Law court, including Negotiation, Collaborative Practice, Mediation and Arbitration. Find out more about each of these dispute resolution methods.

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The Family Law Courts

If you are not able to take advantage of any of the alternative dispute resolution processes set out above, then you may have to seek the assistance of the Family Law Courts to resolve your matter.

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Child Support

A parent who has a child under the age of 18 years is financially responsible for that child. In Australia, there are a number of ways that child support can be assessed. Click through for these different assessment options.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Nobody plans for their relationship to fail, but many Australian's fail to plan. Prenuptial agreement outlines how assets will be split between both partners should a relationship break down.

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Children's Issues

Following separation, parents are likely to face difficult decisions about the future parenting of their children including where their children will live or attend school, whether equal shared care is appropriate or practical or how often the children shall spend time with each parent.

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We are centrally located at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, and our family lawyers are experienced and equipped to service both our Queensland and New South Wales clients. We offer a complete range of legal expertise and services for family law matters on the Gold Coast. We are committed to giving you professional legal advice with value for money.

Whatever your legal query, contact Davoren Associates or visit our Mermaid Beach office to obtain solid advice at a reasonable price.