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Financial Matters

While separation and divorce is emotionally difficult, it can also be financially difficult.

At Davoren Associates, we offer to you, a meeting with one of our experienced Gold Coast family lawyers, during which we shall provide preliminary advice aims to guide you through the steps of dividing your property.

Calculating property divisions is not exact and the Court has a wide range of discretion when making a decision. The decision is out of your hands and even though we can estimate the result and provide you advice, the outcome is often uncertain.

Property Settlement

When determining a property settlement, the court may make such orders "as it considers appropriate to change the interests of the parties in property".

The preferred way to finalise the matter would be to negotiate with the other party and attempt to reach an agreement without any Court involvement.  At Davoren Associates, one of our experienced solicitors can assist you through this process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

If you and your former partner cannot resolve the property issues between you, we can assist by guiding you through alternative dispute resolution options including mediation, arbitration and collaborative practice. 

With dispute resolution relying on both parties compromising and co-operating, sometimes Court intervention is necessary. 

If an agreement is reached between the parties, we strongly suggest that you make this settlement binding and enforceable by way of filing Consent Orders in the Family Court or we can draft a Financial Agreement between you and your former partner. 

If your agreement is not formalised, you risk the other party coming back later and demanding more from you (subject to time limitations).

At Davoren Associates, our experienced solicitors can help you to make an application to the Family Law Courts for property orders. Contact Davoren Associates in Surfers Paradise today with your query.

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