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Nov 24, 2017

Parenting Agreements: Part 2- Parenting Orders

A parenting order, as noted in our article Parenting Agreements: Part 1 – Parenting Plans, is a legally binding and enforceable order of a Family Law Court. As with parenting plans, the best interest of the child is paramount. The… read more

Nov 24, 2017

Parenting Agreements: Part 1- Parenting Plans

The following is the first instalment of a two part series of articles on parenting agreements.  This part focuses on a form of parenting agreement which is neither legally binding nor enforceable: Parenting Plans. Part 2 examines Parenting… read more

Oct 19, 2017

Matrimonial and De Facto Property Division - Time Limitations

The breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship raises numerous legal issues for the parties involved. This article focuses on the time limitations for Matrimonial and De Facto Property Division. Negotiations… read more

Jun 8, 2017

Is a DIY Will worth it?

We have recently had a number of Estate matters in which the deceased has used a "Will Kit" or "DIY Will".  While these can work, the recent examples that we have seen have been good examples of why, for a relatively small outlay, having your Will… read more

Jul 5, 2017

Is it a De Facto Relationship?

In a recent decision handed down by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (Newland & Rankin [2017] FCCA 210), one of the issues the Court had to determine was the length of the parties de facto relationship which was in dispute.   The… read more

Jul 11, 2016

Beware of DIY Wills!

Following on from our recent article highlighting the importance of making a Will, we now address another frequently asked question: "Can I prepare my Will myself?" There is an old saying,… read more

Feb 23, 2016

What Does A Conveyancer Do?

Conveyancing lawyers assist home buyers and sellers with the transferring of ownership of legal title for property. A conveyancing lawyer will represent one side of the transaction, so both the home buyer and seller will have their own conveyancer.… read more

Feb 17, 2016

Stop coming up with excuses not to do your Will!

Here are 4 excuses that we at Davoren Associates regularly hear for not doing a Will: “Everyone knows what I want to happen with my estate – I don’t need a Will” “It is an expense that… read more

Aug 12, 2015

A VIDEO WILL - But at what cost?

A recent case in New South Wales considered whether or not a video recording could be admitted as a Will. In all Australian States and Territories there is legislation which governs the making of Wills.… read more

Jun 4, 2015

Facebook & Family Law

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon when a relationship breaks down for things to become bitter between exes, leading to harsh words often being said by one, or both of the parties to the other. While venting to family or friends about your matter… read more