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Probate Law & Letters Of Administration

Probate is a process that manages the distribution of assets and debts left behind after a person dies. It also aims to resolve any challenges to the distribution of these assets or debts.

What is probate?

Probate is the Supreme Court of Queensland’s official approval that a will is legally valid.

A grant is a Court document that recognises a person's authority to manage the estate of a person who has passed away. Probate is often needed before the executor of an estate can take control an administer the estate’s assets.

What are letters of administration?

Letters of administration are used to allow a family member or friend to act as the administrator of an estate. An administrator will be able to manange an estate when an executor has not been appointed and after the probate registry approves what is known as a grant of letters of administration.

What is a grant?

Executors and administrators of deceased estates must be authorised to manage the estate before they are allowed to do anything involving the estate assets. A grant gives the executor or the administrator the legal right to begin distributing the assets according the will.

Applying For Probate

The process for getting probate can be complicated. You must advertise, complete a number of legal documents and file those documents with the Supreme Court. When executors are administering an estate, they often need legal help to apply to the Supreme Court for probate.

Get Legal Help

At Davoren Associates our Wills and Estate Lawyers are able to assist you in bringing an application against an Estate or assist in defending a claim against an Estate if you are an Executor or a beneficiary of a Will being contested.

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