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Building Disputes Solicitors

Building or renovating a property or your home can be quiet stressful.  If a building dispute or issue arises this can be a stressful time for all involved. Building or Construction Disputes often occur because parties misunderstand their obligations and responsibilities under the written Contract or Verbal Agreement. Common areas of building disputes relate to:

  • costs,
  • variations or changes to the agreement (oral or written),
  • the quality of the work does not meet the property owner’s expectations, or
  • the work is faulty and requires rectification.

At Davoren Associates we have a vast experience in Building and Construction Disputes and we are able to assist you as either a property owner or a builder / tradesman.  Davoren Associates can provide you with advice in relation to Building Contracts (oral or written) and what to do if a dispute arrises.

If you are concerned with the quality of the work or the work is not in accordance with your expectations then you need to discuss this with an experience lawyer. Our team can advise you on issues which may cover variations or amendments to the Contract. 

Court isn't the only option

Many Building Disputes are able to be settled without the need to go to court through negotiation, mediation, skill and strategy. At Davoren Associates our experienced lawyers have the skills to settle matters quickly and efficiently.  However, if the matter proceeds further to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) then Davoren Associates will guide you through this complex process  efficiently and cost effectively.

Our experienced solicitors will assist you with providing quality advice in this area of law. You may have many issues to discuss with our solicitors and we would encourage you to make an appointment with us on 07 5575 2844.

Whatever your legal query, contact Davoren Associates or visit our Mermaid Beach office to obtain solid advice at a reasonable price.

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